Don’t Turn Your Window Well into a Wishing Well: Prevent Basement Flooding

Drainage considerations with Egress Window Wells.

When you’re adding an egress window well to your finished basement, make sure you take the water table into consideration. Water can make or break a basement refurbishment, as any homeowner will tell you – and adding a means of egress can play an important part in that. Sump pumps …Continue reading

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Don’t Move – Expand!

Finishing a basement can be a cost-effective alternative to moving, as long as it's done safely and egress code compliant.

Finishing a basement can be a great alternative to buying a bigger house. Just don’t forget the egress windows! According to economists, the recession is over – but it doesn’t feel that way to millions of American homeowners. In fact, in some parts of the country house prices are the …Continue reading

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The Station Nightclub Fire Highlights the Importance of Safe Means of Egress


Remembering a tragedy also reminds us of the importance of fire safety. This week marked the 10th anniversary of The Station nightclub fire – a horrific blaze that claimed the lives of 100 people in February of 2003. The fire – caused by on-stage pyrotechnics set up by rock band …Continue reading

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Basement Egress Window Code Saves Lives – But It Almost Didn’t Happen


Basement egress window code saves many lives each and every year – but there were many who tried to prevent a means of egress being part of the building requirements. In 2000, the International Residential Code (IRC) was changed to require all basement dwellings to have a means of egress; …Continue reading

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Casement Windows for Basement Egress: Cheap Fix or Bad Idea?

Complete Egress Window System - Stonewell Tan

Not all basement windows are created equal. Make sure yours meet code before you waste time and money having to reinstall them. Having to get a finished basement up to code is a smart move; and quickly pays for itself in terms of house value and rental potential. However, the …Continue reading

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If You Like It, Put a Lid On It

Well Cover

An egress well cover or grate is a smart investment for your basement window well. Egress window wells are an essential for your basement. Not only are they legally required by building code; but they’re a vital safety feature that could help people escape from the basement in the event …Continue reading

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Fire Prevention Safety Week: Have 2 Ways Out

NFPA Fire Prevention Week

This week is national Fire Prevention Safety Week – and their message couldn’t hit closer to home. Every year, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) holds their Fire Prevention Safety Week – with a special message to help people protect themselves and their families from fire. This year, the message …Continue reading

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A Valuable Tool for Firefighters

If you look it up in a dictionary, a “means of egress” means an exit – but the reason basement escape windows are considered a life-saver by firefighters is actually the opposite: Egress windows allow them to get into a basement during a fire, and rescue those who might be …Continue reading

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Don’t Start From Scratch When Installing Basement Windows

Enlarge the window opening by cutting down lower

Many older basements don’t have a means of egress installed – but a lot of them do have some kind of window or opening to let light and air in. If you’re not sure where to start with your basement renovation, why not consider using these existing windows to help …Continue reading

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Bring a Small Basement Apartment Up to Code with a Space Saving Egress Window

2062 Egress Window Kit in Sandstone

National building code requires that all basement apartments have a means of egress installed – but where space is at a premium, that can be difficult to make happen. One solution is a space-saving egress window well. The 2009 IRC Building Code brought in regulations that made it mandatory to …Continue reading

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